A work of art!

Dear Donna,

I wish to thank you for your understanding and being a true friend in a difficult time.  I have been on vacation and when I arrived home was happy to see the completed stone and straightening of the Thiel and Jones stones.  I think the "Boddorf" stone is a work of art.  Very proud of it.  

Jane Boddorf

Thank you so much...

Dear Ms. Donna Mehl,

Thank you so much for the contract and the help.  This is a very hard time for me and my family - both of our parents are gone.  Thank you.

Danielle Wilkes

It looks lovely.


We are very pleased with the monument.  It looks lovely.  Thank you for all your help.

Barbara Roxby

Beautiful job...

Dear Donna,

I want to thank you so much for the beautiful job that you did on the stones for Mom and Dad.  I can't begin to tell you how perfectly you matched the stones with my sister's stone that was done so many years ago!  You would have thought all of the stones were done at the same time!  And you did it from a picture!  You are amazing.  Thank you!

Linda Linkous and family

Stone is so beautiful and so peaceful.

Thank you for creating a beautiful stone to honor and remember my son.  May people have told us that Nick's stone is so beautiful and so peaceful. And we so appreciated Rusty's compassion and empathy in helping us pick out Nick's stone as it was very painful for us to do.


Sincerely, Lori, Zach, Valerie Starcher

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