Dear Rusty,

We thank you and your company for the beautiful stone!

You guided us through the process so well, and we truly appreciate all your expertise!! The stone is perfect!! Blessings to all!

– Shirley and Nick Madden

You guided us through the process so well.

Thank you. It is perfect!

– Steven Snider

It is perfect!

Kim, you went above and beyond for us.

-Mike Tully

Went Above and Beyond

I wanted to thank Miller Memorials for the beautiful design and headstone that was placed on my father-in-law’s grave. Kate Cross was wonderful to work with as we started out not knowing the type of headstone or granite color. Kate Cross was very understanding as multiple family members had input into the final headstone type and granite color. Kate was great to work with and the end result was amazing. I do not know who the designer was but his placement of the Navy emblem to keep the name font size large was great. The design sent for the family to approve was easily approved by the family, they loved the design. The headstone looks wonderful, thanks again it is nice to work with such a professional company.

-John Hall

Such a professional company.

Thanks a lot, we really are pleased with our gravestone!

Your whole staff does a really good job!

-The Rosenleib Family

Your whole staff does a really good job!

Thanks again for making a difficult decision less difficult. I appreciate all your help.


I appreciate all your help.


Thank you so much for all your special touches, understanding, and assistance. You all made it possible for my mother to have a marker. That is something I could not have done without such a wonderful company as yours. It amazes me you do what you do every day without growing a cold heart. And for this, I thank you from my heart.

-M. Hill

Special Touches, Understanding, and Assistance

Ms. Mehl,

This is just to thank you for all your help the past few months in helping me accomplish the goals I set this year for my family plot at Linwood Cemetery. The two projects worked out just right, and I couldn’t be happier. On July 8th, we gathered there and had the new stone dedicated with the help of Monsignor Froehlich from St. Joseph’s in Wolfhurst.

Thank you again,

Andrew A. Markus

I couldn’t be more happy.


Many thanks for all you have done. God bless you with the same peace, hope, and love that you bring to the lives of others.

-The family of Jodie Schuler

Many thanks for all you have done.

Thank you for creating a beautiful stone to honor and remember my son. Many people have told us that Nick’s stone is so beautiful and so peaceful. And we so appreciated Rusty’s compassion and empathy in helping us pick out Nick’s stone as it was very painful for us to do.


Lori, Zach, Valerie Starcher

Stone is so beautiful and so peaceful.

Dear Donna,

I want to thank you so much for the beautiful job that you did on the stones for Mom and Dad. I can’t begin to tell you how perfectly you matched the stones with my sister’s stone that was done so many years ago! You would have thought all of the stones were done at the same time! And you did it from a picture! You are amazing.

Thank you!

Linda Linkous and family


Beautiful Job.


We are very pleased with the monument. It looks lovely. Thank you for all your help.

-Barbara Roxby

It looks lovely.

Dear Ms. Donna Mehl,

Thank you so much for the contract and the help. This is a very hard time for me and my family – both of our parents are gone.

Thank you,

Danielle Wilkes

Thank you so much.

Dear Donna,

I wish to thank you for your understanding and being a true friend in a difficult time. I have been on vacation and when I arrived home was happy to see the completed stone and straightening of the Thiel and Jones stones. I think the “Boddorf” stone is a work of art. Very proud of it.

-Jane Boddorf

A work of art!

Dear Jason,

Thank you for a beautiful job, well done. All the best to you and yours.

-Dana Jeskey

Well done!

Donna and Rusty,

Thank you very much for your help with the monument for our mother. We really enjoyed you and Rusty. If I know anyone looking for a monument, I will send them your way.

-Joann and Patty

Thank You

Just a note to say thanks for making something so difficult a bit easier. I really enjoyed talking to you.

-Paula Curtis

Made something so difficult easier.

Dear Donna,

Thank you for your kindness and the business way you treated me. You were and are a very dear person.

-Gloria F.

Thank you for your kindness.


Thank you for all your help and friendship through this difficult time. Your kindness with the help on Mother’s stone will never be forgotten.

-The Family of Beatrice Burrows

Your kindness will never be forgotten.

To everyone who made Chris’s tombstone so special and nice, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

-Vivian Walker

So special and nice.

Thank you both for the kindness you extended to me when you helped me take care of the child’s monument in Weeks Cemetery. You gave me wonderful peace of mind. I am grateful for such a wonderful reason to be thankful as Thanksgiving arrives. Bless you, both.

-Peggy Christopher

Gave me peace of mind.


Thank you for being so wonderful in helping me with this. My parents have been gone for a while but it still hurts. And you really did help me.

Thank you again,

Fredann Alexander

So wonderful helping me.